Do you do commissions/requests/custom work?

I always say it depends. My style obviously lends itself to certain people/things better than others - so a family portrait probs isn't right. But if there's someone from the movie world or music or pop culture etc that you'd like to see then drop me an email.

How do you create your art?

On a Mac, with a mouse. No really, it's all done with a mouse. No fancy pen.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Sadly no. Because I print each item to order it's not possible. If you need a print super speedy then get in touch.

Are you on the socials?

Yep. Insta: @benbateson

Any framing advice?

Whatever works best for you. Of course as you can see from my images a white box frame always goes down well. Mounts? Just be careful as not all whites are the same so your mount might be a different colour to the paper I print on.

Why haven't you done KISS yet?

I've no idea. I love KISS.